UQ ALP Club Executive.



Coen Harnischfeger, 22. Bachelor of Engineering / Economics.  

Hi! I’m Coen Harnischfeger, the President of the UQ ALP Club. I’m currently in my fifth year of studying a dual degree of Engineering and Economics. I’ve been involved in the club for 5 years, and in that time I’ve held four different positions. I know how important the club is in not only being a voice for our movement on campus, but being the first point of call for progressive students to get involved in the Labor Party.


We’re all at university to upskill ourselves and make a difference in our society. The Labor Party also provides those opportunities, with campaigns, policy discussion and social events to make you feel included and know you’re making a difference and having your voice heard. I recommend you join the club and get involved in all the events we hold. It’s a great chance to meet new people, learn about how our great party works and operates and get an idea of how you can create change!


Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions or want to get involved! We hold great events like policy session, social evenings, campaign introductions and many more! Message our page for more details.



Ollie Winchester, 20. Bachelor of Arts (Political Science / Gender Studies). 

I'm Ollie Winchester, UQ ALP Club's 2019 Secretary! I am currently in my third year of studying an extended major in Political Science and a minor in Gender Studies. I've been involved in the UQ ALP Club since the start of 2017 which has allowed me to be presented with many opportunities to fight for Australian Labor Party values. I went along to my first UQ ALP Club event by myself at 17 and have met some of the most hardworking and passionate young people on campus. 

If you're interested in learning more about Labor values, meeting likeminded people and fighting for a fairer and more equal Australia, then sign up to the UQ ALP Club!

You can contact me directly through the Facebook page or by emailing secretary@uqalpclub.org.au



Nick Drysdale, 25. Bachelor of Commerce

I'm Nick, 25 and study Commerce with a Major in Accounting. I've always been passionate about politics and found myself aligned with Labor's core values. I joined the UQ ALP Club in 2016 and have never looked back, the past three years have been filled with good memories, lifelong friends and an opportunity to assist my community. Our club is a fantastic way for students to meet like minded people through the various events we host throughout the year.


Vice President. 

Emily Duncan, 22Bachelor of Arts  

Hi everyone! My name is Emily, I’m 22, and I’m studying a Bachelor of Arts. I joined the UQALP club in 2018 because I wanted to find somewhere that I could effectively make a difference to the lives of working class Australians. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made, and I’d encourage you to join too. Not only do we hold fun social and political events, you’ll meet a host of people that all have similar mindsets and are easy to get along with.

Management Committee.


Justin Gane (Engagement Officer) 
Logan Donadelli (Engagement Officer) 
Chris Hancock (Social Convener) 

Jackson Oswald (Social Convener) 
Mitch Snow (Policy Convener) 
Tennessee Walker (Policy Convener) 
Bella Scattini (Women's Officer) 
Dylan Knight (Communications Officer) 
Ryan Jover (Fundraising Officer)